Will you be able to Escape?


Dare to live the #1 experience in Mexico City. You and your friends will have an hour to complete a mission and escape the room.



How to Escape?

Search the room, look for clues, solve riddles, find keys, etc.… You’ll need to use common sense, creative problem solving, and teamwork to escape!

Who’s it for?

Friends and Family

Looking for something different to do? We offer a new and unique experience that will have you talking for weeks after. We have a room for everyone.


#1 ranked in entertaiment on the Trip Advisor ranking!

Special Events

Need to organize an event? We can help! Contact us, and we’ll organize something. Please just let us- know a soon as possible to check availability.

Corporate Events

Corporate outings can be tedious at times. Live escape is a new and exciting activity that will break the monotony and have everyone at the water cooler talking the next day. Not only are escape games a way for coworkers to blow off some steam, they will practice work skills like communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving to name a few.










11 adventures, 3 venues … & and a whole lot of fun!


What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are live action gaming facilities. In other words, they are rooms that simulate environments similar to those found in videogames and movies. You are placed in one of our rooms and have 60 minutes to escape by solving a series of puzzles and riddles.

How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, click on the reservations button above, pick a date and time on the calendar, choose the number of people going, fill out the personal and payment information, click finish, and you’re done!

What will happen if we show up late? When should we get there?

You will still be able to attempt to solve the room, but the minutes you are late will be deduced from the hour you have solve the room. Because we schedule by the hour, the next group will be ready to go in as soon as your group finishes. We recommend you show up 10 minutes before to be safe.

Can use my cell phone? Is there a place I can leave my things while I’m in the rooms?

Cell phones are not allowed during the game. We will provide a box and in some locations lockers, where you can keep your things safely locked.

How much is it to play

Prices vary on how many people are in your group. The larger the group, the less it will cost per person. Prices are listed below.

Group of 5 – $250 pesos per person

Group of 4 – $280 pesos per person

Group of 3 – $310 pesos per person

Group of 2 – $340 pesos per person

How do I pay?

In order to make a reservation, we require the minimum payment through our booking service of $680 MXN pesos. The rest can be paid that day on the day of your reservation at our locations. Reservations and payments can also be made at any of our locations for future dates.

Can we change or cancel our reservation?

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your reservation. To change your reservation, cancel your previous reservation and make a new one.

What should we wear?

Wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. We won’t judge. Our Aztec Temple room has woodchips that can make shoes dirty.

What if we need to leave the room during the game?

If for any reason, you need to leave the game (e.g. to go to the bathroom) just ask the Gamemaster to open the door, or use the emergency exit button or key to exit the room. We will not stop the game though, so the timer will keep going!

Are the rooms scary?

Only one of our rooms, the Jigsaw Room, is a somewhat frightening. It is not actively scary though, meaning that there aren’t any sudden loud noises or anything that will startle you.

Are the rooms kid friendly?

Because of the difficulty of our puzzles, we do not recommend brining children under the age of 12. If you believe your children to be exceptionally precocious, and wish to test them, we have no age limit.

I am by myself. Can I still play?

We have designed our rooms to be impossible to solve alone, so 2 people minimum are required.


Can you organize corporate events?

Yes! We can offer a different and entertaining alternative to the usual corporate gathering. Please get in touch with us at gamemaster@enigmarooms.com.mx.


Where are you located?

We have 3 locations:


Colima 385, int.6, Colonia Roma Norte (Colima):
Serial Killer

Avenida Stim 1358, Piso 1, Lomas del Chamizal (Bosques):
Aztec Temple

Industria 64, Axotla (Sur):
MAR5® Colony
Dino Lab

Do you have parking?

Colima :
Unfortunately, we don’t have parking. Luckily however, there are 2 parking lots close by, one on Colima 387 and the other on Cozumel 82.

We have 3 parking spots that work on a first come first serve basis. Alternately there is valet parking at the Sushi Itto next door.

We have 3 parking spots that work on a first come first serve basis. If those are full, there is a parking lot next door.


Group of 5 persons

$1250 total

$250 per person

Group of 4 persons

$1120 total

$280 per person

Group of 3 persons

$930 total

$310 per person

Group of 2 persons

$680 total

$340 per person

* All reservations are private

Prices are in MXN and include 60 min in the room reserved. A deposit of $680 MXN is required in order to secure the reservation. This can be done directly through our webpage. We accept Visa and MasterCard. The remainder can be paid at the location the day of the reservation. Since this is a live event we recommend arrive 10 minutes early.

Cancelation Policy

Any changes to the reservation, or cancellations must be made 24 HOURS prior to the start of the original reservation at “Enigma Rooms”. After the 24-hour deadline, “Enigma Rooms” will not return the deposit or issue any kind of reimbursement.

If the reservation does not show up “Enigma Rooms” will not return the deposit, or issue any kind of reimbursement.

The only acceptable ways to modify/cancel a reservation is by following the steps found on the confirmation email, or personally contacting us at 5255-68403010.


Check our schedule or book now


Bosques de las lomas



ROMA NORTE: Colima 385, Int 6, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, CDMX


BOSQUES DE LAS LOMAS: Av Stim 1358 piso 1, Lomas del Chamizal, C.P. 05129, CDMX


COYOACÁN: Industria 64, Axotla, 01030 Ciudad de México, CDMX Méx.

01 55 6840 3010


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